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by Mark H. Dunkelman
Articles marked with an asterisk were co-authored with Michael J. Winey.


Book Contributions

“Foreword,” in Chris Mackowski, Kristopher D. White, and Daniel T. Davis, Fight Like the Devil: The First Day at Gettysburg July 1, 1863 (El Dorado Hills, CA: Savas Beatie, 2015).

“Foreword,” in Alexandra Filipowski and Hugh T. Harrington, The Boy Soldier: Edwin Jemison and the Story Behind the Most Remarkable Portrait of the Civil War (Yardley, PA: Westholme, 2016).



Mural Booklet
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The Coster Avenue Mural in Gettysburg. (1989) A booklet picturing and describing the 80-foot painting next to the monument to the 154th New York on the Gettysburg battlefield, including a comprehensive account of the action depicted in the mural--the overwhelming attack of two Confederate brigades on Colonel Charles R. Coster's Union brigade at Kuhn's brickyard on the afternoon of July 1, 1863. Softcover, 8 pages, drawings, maps, with full-color cover photos of the mural and monument. Out of print.

Colonel Lewis D. Warner: An Appreciation. (Portville, NY: Portville Historical and Preservation Society, 1990.) A tribute written for the observance Colonel Warner Day and the 5th Annual Reunion of Descendants of the 154th New York in Portville, New York, Warner's home town, in July 1990. A biographical sketch of the respected, long-time commander of the regiment, including frequent quotes from Warner's wartime letters and diaries, augmented by the full text of his farewell address to the 154th New York. "An exceptionally vivid and moving portrait of Warner." Jamestown Post-Journal. Softcover, 32 pages, four photographs. Available at $11 postpaid. Send check or money order to: Portville Historical & Preservation Society, P.O. Box 59, Portville, NY 14770.

Brothers, Heroes, Martyrs: The Civil War Service of Lewis and George Bishop, Color Bearers of the 154th New York Volunteer Infantry. (Allegany, NY: Allegany Area Historical Association, 1994.) Written for the observance of Heritage Days and the 9th Annual Reunion of Descendants of the of the 154th New York at Allegany, New York, in August 1994. How Lewis Bishop became the 154th New York's first color bearer; his heroism and amazing escape from harm at Chancellorsville; his mortal wounding at Gettysburg; how older brother George Bishop succeeded Lewis as color bearer; and how George duplicated his brother's bravery and fell as he planted the national flag atop the blazing crest of Rocky Face Ridge, Georgia, in a moment never forgotten by the survivors of the Hardtack Regiment. Softcover, 32 pages, two photographs, three period flag cuts. Available at $4.25 postpaid. Send check or money order to: Allegany Area Historical Association, P.O. Box 162, Allegany, NY 14706.

Camp JMB Cover
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Camp James M. Brown: Jamestown's Civil War Rendezvous. (Jamestown, NY: Fenton Historical Society, 1996.) This booklet presents a detailed account of the organization of the 112th and 154th New York Volunteer Infantry regiments in the summer of 1862, when some 2,100 recruits from Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties converged at Camp Brown. This history of the rendezvous describes what the new soldiers experienced in the weeks before they were sent to the front, often using their own words. Long since vanished from the city scene, Jamestown's most significant Civil War site is revisited in the pages of Camp James M. Brown. Softcover, 45 pages, four photographs and wrap-around cover photo. Out of print.

Gettysburg's Coster Avenue Dunkelman Booklet Cover
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Gettysburg’s Coster Avenue: The Brickyard Fight and the Mural (Trumbull, CT: Gettysburg Publishing, 2018). A profusely illustrated account of the fighting at Kuhn’s brickyard on the First Day of the Battle of Gettysburg and the Coster Avenue Mural commemorating it, published on the mural’s thirtieth anniversary. This is a greatly expanded and all new version of my 1989 booklet described above. Fifty pages, 8.5” x 11”, includes 53 illustrations in black and white and color, map, and notes.

“For a battle that has been combed over and over and over by historians it is hard to imagine that anything original could be said about Gettysburg. But Mark Dunkelman has defied the skeptics in Gettysburg’s Coster Avenue: The Brickyard Fight and the Mural. In smooth and compelling prose, Dunkelman recounts the stand of a single Union brigade against overwhelming Confederate forces that bought time for shattered Union forces to reform on Cemetery Hill. Dunkelman has also captured this intense fight in an outdoor mural that stands as a dramatic backdrop along Coster Avenue today. In this fine volume, Dunkelman tells the important story of how this piece of public art came into being and how it enriches our understanding of the last stand of Union forces on July 1 at Gettysburg.” Peter S. Carmichael, Fluhrer Professor of History at Gettysburg College, Director of the Civil War Institute

“Little did I know upon my first visit to Gettysburg in July 1988 that my pilgrimage coincided with the dedication of what is now among my favorite Gettysburg gems—the Coster Avenue Mural. The mural is more than just a work of art; it’s a part of the story of Gettysburg. In Gettysburg’s Coster Avenue: The Brickyard Fight and the Mural, Mark Dunkelman tells a rarely-told story of the brickyard fight and its memorialization by a small but dedicated team over the course of decades. His lively text pulls the past forward so that 1863 and 1988 do not seem all that long ago.” Garry Adelman, Author and Licensed Battlefield Guide, Gettysburg

“How well he has succeeded [in drawing attention to the Brickyard Fight and Coster Avenue], Dunkelman admits, ‘others will judge.’ But using this slender volume, a lovingly restored mural, and Mark Dunkelman’s determined preservation efforts as evidence, the uncommon valor and selfless sacrifice shown in John Kuhn’s brickyard on that hot July afternoon will enrich Gettysburg’s heritage for generations to come.” Gordon Berg, in America’s Civil War

“Civil War history is often best served when we contribute to it. Author and artist Mark Dunkelman did just that in monumental fashion in Gettysburg... In telling his story, Dunkelman reveals how a single individual can shape events. He shines a light on a long-overlooked part of one of the world’s best-known battlefields, and pays tribute to soldiers from New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Louisiana... Gettysburg’s Coster Avenue is highly recommended to both novices and longtime students of the war.” Ronald S. Coddington, in Military Images

“The book is a fascinating look at a little-known area of the battlefield. Through the efforts of Mark Dunkelman, the public and students of the battle now have better context as to the fighting that took place and the evolution of a wonderful mural to honor the men who fought in the Brickyard Fight.” Christopher Army, Licensed Battlefield Guide at Gettysburg, Civil War News

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"Dedication Ceremonies, Coster Avenue Mural, July 1, 1988, Commemorating the Actions of the 154th New York Volunteer Infantry on July 1, 1863." In Gettysburg: The 125th Anniversary, What They Did Here, by Christian J. Heidorf. (Gansevoort, NY: Harlow & Taylor Associates, 1990.)

Main Address, Dedication of the Amos Humiston Memorial, Gettysburg, July 3, 1993. [Unpublished.]

Main Address, in Dedication of the Chancellorsville Monument to the 154th New York Volunteer Infantry May 26, 1996. (154th New York Monument Fund, 1996.)

“Devillo Wheeler and the Civil War,” Allegany Area Historical Association Issue XXXI Vol. 3 (October 2012). My address at the dedication of the cenotaph in Allegany (NY) Cemetery to Pvt. Devillo Wheeler, Co. I.

Newspaper/Newsletter/Blog Articles

"Western New York's Hardtack Heroes," Buffalo Courier Express Magazine, June 30, 1974.

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"Olean church to be site of reunion of Civil War veterans' descendants," Olean Times Herald, August 3, 1992.

"'I Am About To Inform You That I Am Still Alive,'" Jamestown Post-Journal, August 8, 1992. [Profile of Capt. Dana P. Horton, Co. F.]

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"154th N.Y. Descendants Hear About Religion's Importance For Ancestors," The Civil War News, November 2005.

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"154th N.Y. Group Honors Medal Recipients," The Civil War News, September 2006.

“A Regiment Remembered,” New York Times Disunion, May 9, 2014. [The Battle of Dug Gap.]

An Encounter Along Sherman’s March,” New York Times, “Disunion,” November 18, 2014.

“A Collection Finds A Home,” Civil War News, January 2016.

Recruiting the Regiment: The 154th New York—A Regiment That Wasn’t Meant To Be,” Emerging Civil War, June 9, 2021.



Magazine/Journal Articles

"The Hunt For Sergeant Humiston." Civil War Times Illustrated, March 1982.* [Sgt. Amos Humiston, Co. C.]

"Relics of a Regiment." North South Trader, March-April 1982.*

"The Hardtack Regiment Meets Lincoln." Lincoln Herald, Summer 1983.* [Reaction in the regiment to President Lincoln's April 10, 1863 review.]

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"Lieutenant Colonel Henry C. Loomis." Union Blue, June 1987.

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"The Battle of Peachtree Creek." Union Blue, November-December 1987.

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"'Oh, William, how I wish you were at home,'" Civil War Times Illustrated, May 2001. [Pvt. William F. Chittenden, Co. D, and his family.]

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“The Likeness of Amos Humiston,” Military Images (Winter, 2024), co-authored with Megan Kelley.




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